How can DoMore4Life help your company?

DoMore4Life is more than just about giving. Our vision does not focus simply on the obvious benefits of corporate donation. Benefits to companies include increased employee and customer loyalty and trust and an improved corporate image.

Employee commitment is constantly evolving. Your employees want reward but they also increasingly demand more of their employers. Their priorities have changed and they expect you to demonstrate a sound ethical practice.

According to McKinsey’s 2008 report on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), only 13% of employees are aware of their company having any CSR involvement and 77% have no idea of the existing commitments of their employer in CSR. We will help you to put employees at the heart of your strategy and give them an increased sense of meaning to their working lives. We will work with you to give each employee a voice, and involve them in innovative solutions that define future business success.

We offer tailor-made creative tools that will assist you in the gathering, delivery and analysis of pertinent data to support your choices.

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